martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

doomsday - elvis perkins

though I forget your name
I remember your sweet face
till doomsday fell out again

man I went wild last night
I wasn't feeling alright
I don't let doomsday bother me
do you let it bother you?

I know you told me once and again
will it mean that we won't be friends
when doomsday rears her ugly head again

and though you voted that awful man
I'll never refuse your hand
on doomsday, on doomsday

not in all of my wildest dreams
it never once was seen
that doomsday might fall anywhere near
a tuesday

but flight across the skies
seein fate before our eyes
there isn't any sense to a goodbye and bye
for I dont plan to die
nor should you plan to die

otro gran concierto. elvis supremo (y delgadísimo, muy grunge) la banda increíble.

y cómo molan los dearland...

2 comentarios:

Alex dijo...

Tras unos días frenéticos se agradece una canción así. Un momento de pausa.

Debió ser un concierto memorable...

seeyouinthenextlife dijo...

Para cuando alguna cancion de Suede?...